Automotive design

Automotive engineering is the field of mechanical engineering that deals with the design and development of passenger cars. Also, in this sector, the goal of Hypertec Solution is to find highly innovative solutions. We design mechanical and technological optimizations, just as we offer our services to resolve even very complex problems.

Hypertec Solution engineers have skills and experience that allow them to work on road and competition vehicles. However, we are generally engaged in sectors of the automotive industry that aim to make high-performance cars and motorcycles – vehicles with very high construction and quality standards.

We design frames, suspensions, steering units. In general, any particular group of the car. To do this, we rely on know-how consolidated over years of experience, and with the same knowledge, we design innovative engines and vehicles on which we guarantee maximum performance. Our skills also include structural and fluid dynamics calculation services. We also support all our customers in constructing the prototype and testing on the track or the road.

Hypertec Solution guarantees excellence. Excellence, for us, means reaching the goal by exceeding the customer’s expectations for quality, timing, and dynamism.

Offered services

  • Definition of car’s layout.
  • Design of the supporting frame, mechanical assemblies – including suspension, steering system, transmission systems – and engine and auxiliary design. We also design test benches for experimental tests.
  • Management of prototypes and pre-series construction.
  • Execution and study of experimental tests.
  • Structural, aerodynamic, kinetodynamic, and thermodynamic analysis.

Our strenghts


The transversal potential of Hypertec Solution allows to carry out cutting-edge projects, the aspects concerning both single components and complete systems, and customized design techniques satisfying the customer’s needs.


Hypertec Solution is a set of shared values, new horizons, and boundaries to be overcome thanks to the people who, with pride and passion, realize these ideals every day. Avant-garde, professionalism, and skills: all characteristics that allow us to establish working relationships in transparency and mutual trust.

Engineering design

Hypertec Solution offers the most potent and advanced mechanical engineering tools, professional design and advanced calculation software, automation engineering, and simulation software, which allow you to obtain evidence of the results even before machine testing.


The results of Hypertec Solution are always excellent. Our distinctive character is the ability to create dynamic workgroups, characterized by engineers with complementary skills, suitable to meet the needs of those who turn to us to obtain specific solutions