Hypertec Solution is multidisciplinary design and engineering
with high technological content.

Hypertec Solution deals with multidisciplinary engineering.

We provide high-tech engineering solutions, computational calculation performance, testing activities, and practical assistance in the mechanical field. On the other hand, in the mechatronics field, we provide analysis, design, development, and testing of software applied to industrial automation – as well as the control of production processes and plant supervision.

In synergy between the various areas, we develop simulation and Virtual-Commissioning systems to make the most of the connection between the different design activities.

Hypertec Solution is synonymous with innovation, professionalism, and excellence.

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Why choose Hypertec Solution?

Hypertec Solution is chosen for the professionalism demonstrated in the engineering – but also in the commercial, administrative, and management fields.

Excellent results in every professional gesture confirm the technical skills of the Hypertec Solution team. Many of our clients managed both in the foreign market and in the Italian one. We are chosen because we provide workgroups made up of professionals with transversal skills accustomed to carrying out complex projects. We offer ideas, innovative choices, and a determined approach to overcome any obstacle.

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The skills of our engineers are here to carry out complex projects in quick and definitive times. We have decades-long experience based on passion, creativity, and teamwork.