Hypertec Solution adventure began in 1996 under the name of Procomec. A company founded by Daniele Bucci and Filippo Guidazzi, which in 2011 took on its current name after a merger with other important industrial companies in Italy. However, after nine years of shared projects and successes, the companies that made up Hypertec Solution, following different entrepreneurial visions, decided to separate.

Now we are in the present again. And within the walls of our offices in Bertinoro (FC) and Occhiobello (RO), the professionals of Hypertec Solution create tailor-made projects for their customers every day: optimal solutions even for very complex problems.

Hypertec Solution is innovation, passion, design, and excellence. We believe in an organized working approach and the competitive advantage generated by creating teams of specialized technicians explicitly chosen for each specific project. Our goal is to offer excellence standards, such as developing solid and lasting relationships with our customers.

Our attitudes

Hypertec Solution focuses on the quality of its services. Our goal is to satisfy customer expectations, triggering a constant cycle of improvement. Hypertec Solution staff is constantly trained to anticipate the future. We live innovation as our present.

Hypertec Solution is a set of shared values, new horizons, and boundaries to be overcome thanks to the people who, with pride and passion, realize these ideals every day. Avant-garde, professionalism, and skills are characteristics that allow us to establish working relationships in transparency and mutual trust.

We offer the most potent and advanced mechanical engineering tools, professional design software, and advanced calculation: software and automation and simulation engineering, which allows you to obtain evidence of the results even before testing on the machine. The transversal skills of our technicians acquire cutting-edge projects, aspects both in individual components and in complex systems. We offer tailor-made solutions for every customer’s need.

The results of Hypertec Solution are always excellent. Our working group’s character is the ability to work dynamically, provide engineers with complementary skills, and adapt to meet the needs of specific guarantees.